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dbx 166XS
dbx 166XS
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Adding a dbx® 166xs Compressor/Limiter/Gate to your live sound rig or studio gives you more dynamic control to help create a more polished, professional sound. Having compression in your audio chain gives you the ability to smooth out uneven levels, add sustain to guitars and fatten up your drums. It also makes it easy to bring vocals to the front of your mix - adding greater clarity and making them stand out from the surrounding instruments. To protect your expensive amps and speakers the PeakStop® limiter provides an absolute ceiling for peak excursions or large transients that could damage your equipment.
  • nput Connectors 1/4" TRS, female XLR (pin 2 hot)
  • Input Impedance >50kΩ balanced, >25kΩ unbalanced
  • Max Input >+24dBu, Balanced or Unbalanced
  • Input Type Electronically balanced/unbalanced, RF filtered
  • Sidechain 1/4" TRS Phone, Normalled: Ring = Output (send); tip = Input (return)
  • Sidechain Impedance Tip = >10kΩ (Input), Ring = 2kΩ (Output)
  • Sidechain Max Input Level >+20dBu (tip/input); >+20dBu (ring/output)
  • Output Connectors 1/4" TRS, female XLR (pin 2 hot)
  • Output Impedance 120Ω balanced, >60Ω unbalanced
  • Max Output +21dBu balanced/unbalanced into 2kΩ or greater; >+18 dBm balanced/unbalanced (into 600Ω)
  • Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz; +0, -0.5dB, Typical 3dB points are 0.35Hz and 110kHz, unity gain
  • Noise <-90dBu, 22Hz to 22kHz, no weighting, unity gain
  • THD+Noise Typically <0.04%; Any Amount of Compression Up to 40dB@1kHz
  • IMD Typically <0.08% SMPTE @ +10dBu (15dB Gain reduction)
  • Compressor Threshold Range -40dBu to +20dBu
  • Compressor Threshold Characteristic Selectable OverEasy® or hard knee
  • Compressor Ratio Variable; 1:1 to Infinity:1; 60dB Maximum Compression
  • Compressor Attack Time Variable program-dependent; 3ms to 340ms for 15dB gain reduction
  • Compressor Release Time Variable program-dependent; 200dB/Sec to 3dB/Sec
  • Expander/Gate Threshold Range OFF to +15dBu
  • Expander/Gate Ratio 10:1
  • Expander/Gate Max Depth >60dB
  • Expander/Gate Attack Time <500µs (from Maximum Depth)
  • Expander/Gate Release Time Adjustable, 30ms to 3sec (to 30dB attenuation)
  • Limiter Threshold Range 0dBu to +20dBu
  • CMRR >40dB, typically >55dB at 1kHz
  • Interchannel Crosstalk <-80dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Dynamic Range >115 dB, unweighted
  • Stereo Coupling True RMS Power Summing™
  • Power Consumption 15 Watts Maximum
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