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Boss Katana Mini
Boss Katana Mini
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BOSS Katana amps have received accolades from guitarists everywhere for their fantastic sound and feel, onboard effects and great value. Now, the Katana-Mini makes serious Katana tone accessible in a small, go-anywhere amp that runs on batteries. Offering sound quality that far exceeds other amps in its class, this miniature powerhouse features an authentic multi-stage analog gain circuit for big, expressive sound, plus a traditional analog EQ and an onboard tape-style delay. Ultra-compact and travel-ready, the Katana-Mini delivers inspiring Katana tone anywhere you want to play. - Specially Designed for Top-Quality Sound - Unlike typical small, battery-powered guitar amps that offer so-so sound quality, the Katana-Mini produces big, full tone that inspires you to plug in and play for hours at a time. BOSSs comprehensive design approach includes a custom speaker, advanced hardware, refined circuitry, and special component selection, which all work together to produce maximum sound quality in a minimum footprint. The amp also incorporates BOSSs decades of research in energy efficient design, providing class-defying power and punch from only six AA-size batteries. Inspiring Tones, Ready to Rock - The Katana-Minis all-analog input circuitry includes multiple gain stages that drive three classic sound settings, offering the same cascaded gain approach found in high-end amp designs. This is what gives the Katana-Mini its satisfying tone and quick, interactive feel, with distortion thats easily controlled with input volume and picking strength. Inspired by BOSSs flagship Waza amp, the Katana-Minis Brown setting delivers expressive, high-gain tones rich with harmonics, perfect for heavy riffs and soaring solos. Crunch provides overdrive thats ideal for rock rhythms and bluesy leads, while Clean offers up crisp, sparkling tones with punchy dynamic response. Analog Tone Stack and Onboard Delay - Rich, full sound that far exceeds other amps in its class - Authentic multi-stage analog gain circuit and three-band analog tone stack - Three versatile amp types: Brown, Crunch, and Clean - Built-in tape-style delay for warm ambience - Aux input for jamming with music from a smartphone - Phones/recording output with cabinet voicing Runs on six AA-size batteries or optional AC adapter
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