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Ibanez GSR205BWK Weathered Black Electric Bass
Ibanez GSR205BWK Weathered Black Electric Bass
Sale: $249.99
MSRP: $357.99
$108.00 Savings!
For more than 25 years, Ibanez Soundgear series have given bass players a modern alternative. With its continued popularity, Ibanez is constantly endeavoring to answer the wider needs of a variety of players, at a variety of budgets. But no matter what the specs, the heart is the same-SR continues to excite with its smooth, fast neck, lightweight body, and perfectly matched electronics. Its Phat II active bass boost adds additional low-end power more than any other basses in this price range. - Neck: GSR5 Maple - Body: Mahogany body - Fingerboard: Rosewood - Inlay: White dot inlay - Medium frets - Pickups: DXH-5 neck pu, DXH-5 bridge pu - EQ: Phat II eq - Bridge: B15 bridge - Hardware color: Black
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