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Takamine GX11ME Natural Acoustic Guitar
Takamine GX11ME Natural Acoustic Guitar
Sale: $349.99
MSRP: $538.99
$189.00 Savings!
The Takamine GX11ME-NS Taka-Mini Electro Acoustic Guitar in Natural Mahogany finish is a 3/4 size guitar that features custom designed bracing and a scaled down version of the famous Takamine NEX body style. Featuring an all mahogany body, the GX11ME delivers a warm and nuanced acoustic tone and its smaller size makes it ideal for a more comfortable playing experience along with grab-and-go portability. The Takamine TP4T Preamp provides a 3-band EQ for your on-stage tonal sculpting needs, with a handy built-in tuner for quick tuning adjustments. This is a great playing smaller sized guitar, ideal for smaller hands or for those who want a more compact acoustic instrument at their next gig, whether that's at the local coffee-house or at the beach.
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