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Shure SLX14/85 (G5)
Shure SLX14/85 (G5)
Sale: $659.99
MSRP: $824.99
$165.00 Savings!
Pro performance, great value! The Shure SLX14/85 wireless microphone package comes complete with an SLX4 wireless receiver, an SLX1 bodypack transmitter, and a WL185 cardioid lavalier microphone. At Sweetwater, we've found that the SLX4 receiver makes setting up a snap, by virtue of features such as Auto Frequency Selection and Auto Transmitter Setup. The SLX1 bodypack receiver is incredibly easy to wear, and it's also incredibly reliable. You'll love how clear vocals sound, with the WL185 lavalier microphone. This mic captures your voice perfectly and helps keep surrounding sounds out. With the SLX14/85 package, you get affordable wireless made simple!
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