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Behringer S16 Digital Snake
Behringer S16 Digital Snake
Sale: $899.99
MSRP: $1349.99
$450.00 Savings!
Digital mixing has revolutionized virtually everything in the live-entertainment production workflow. Now we have come up with the perfect solution for connecting the onstage talent with your Front of House (FOH) console, and the rest of the world – the ultra-cool and ultra-affordable S16 Digital Snake! The S16 provides 16 MIDAS-designed remote-controllable mic preamps, plus 8 balanced analog XLR returns at the stage end – and all it takes is a single Cat 5e cable. While KLARK TEKNIK, the industry-leader in high-end digital audio processing, invented the SuperMAC technology that made it all possible – our superb scale of production makes the S16 so very aff ordable.
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