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Audix MicroBoom MB5050
Audix MicroBoom MB5050
Sale: $549.99
MSRP: $599.99
$50.00 Savings!
The MicroBoomTM integrated carbon ber boom system is available in three lengths: 24", 50", and 84" and is designed to be used with the award winning MicrosTM Series of miniaturized condensers. Lightweight and able to attach to any standard microphone stand, the MicroBoom is a problem solver for portability and hard-to-reach miking applications including choir, live theater and orchestra. The MicroBoom can be used with a choice of capsules in the Micros Series, o ering a broad choice of pick-up pattern and frequency response. A high quality shielded cable is used internally to insure the cleanest audio signal path between the microphone and the bottom of the boom, which terminates in a mini-XLR male connector. The MCBOOM adaptor allows for total control over the angle, rotation and position of the carbon ber rod. The MicroBoom provides an ultra-clean, professional and elegant appearance on stage while providing exceptional performance and portability.
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