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Peavey XR8300
Peavey XR8300
Sale: $499.99
MSRP: $649.99
$150.00 Savings!
They feature new improved low noise mic preamps, multi point clip sampling and a new subsonic filter to prevent low frequency power robbing. New graphic equalizers have multi-Q bandwidth to allow some filters to perform feedback control while others perform tone control and have Peavey's patented FLS (Feedback Locating System).
  • 8 improved, low-noise mic preamps
  • 10 line inputs
  • 48V phantom power
  • 3-band EQ, monitor send and effects send on each channel
  • 25 dB pad on channels 1-6
  • Signal and Clip indicator on each channel
  • Dual Main or Main/Mon power amp mode switch
  • Dedicated 7-band graphic for mains and monitors with FLS®
  • DDT™ speaker protection
  • DSP based effects with parameter control
  • Channel mute switch
  • Rugged plastic case
  • 2x300 watts per channel at 4 ohms
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